Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Every So Often

My colleague, and friend, Paul passed away in December; this is my tribute poem to a great teacher and facilitator who will be missed by many not just me...Every So Often

Every so often we meet someone new,
A passenger fellow or member of crew,
A lowly deckhand standing back of the queue
Or a Captain of vessel more accustomed front view.

Normally all of us are pretty good
At determining the make-up of those in our ‘hood’,
Heroes we worship or villains we fear,
The teachers and pupils who make up our year.

But then we meet someone who transcends it all,
Who speaks the same language both short and to tall,
Who looks upon others with love and with care
Wishing only that all of us serve the same fare – 

That Captain is Paul, and that deckhand is he,
Our passenger fellow and crew member, see
That his warmth and compassion both allowed him to ride
On the crest of a shallow, or turbulent tide.

We’ll miss his example, we’ll all miss his care,
His gentle expression and floppy blond hair,
And his best ever lesson that he best ever taught,
That we’re all of us in his eyes better than naught.