Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Hate Crime

Wow! My first post for over a year and it's a poem which may just ruffle a few feathers. Why? Because it's one in which women, not men, are the villains. Seriously, I just got so tired and fed up with hearing guests on the news maligning men and suggesting that boys should undergo some sort of civility training to help them deal better with the opposite sex.

This is a problem we all face, and not just from either side of the gender divide either. Civility, and being civil is now no longer in vogue. Honestly, watch people discussing, debating or disagreeing with each other and you'll see the same tell tale signs, they're not listening to the other side, there's no Socratic debate in which opposing opinions are placed together and a third conciliatory point often results, no, now we just cancel those with whom we can't agree.

Anyway, here's my experience of how some women have treated me in the past. Now don't get me wrong, and I do admit this in the university bit, I have been culpable of being every bit as obtuse and sordid as these fair ladies, but these are fair ladies often who should know better and who should be getting on with men rather than undermining them. Is their stance, their behaviour, Hate Crime, and is our solution merely to continue collapsing the genders?

‘Are you sure you’re not a virgin?’
Laughed the she-wolf in my face,
Her friends in merriment with her,
This horrid, horrid place.

Just last week I gave my seat
When someone would the favour,
‘F***ing mug!’ she cackled,
Joined by others of her flavour.

‘Call me,’ leered another,
‘When you’re earning eighty grand’,
Until then was I nothing
To her but a serving hand.

Three women so maternal
That their nurture birthed a beast,
Treat all men like garbage
And upon them grossly feast.

‘I like a boy who makes lists’
Said the lawyer sidling near,
‘Would you plead for me in court?’
She whispered in my ear.

But I’m on work experience
(Which clearly did she know),
I’m only fifteen years old
And simply cannot front such show.

You’re undermining me,
You’re making me uneasy,
Even now you’re too close
And I’m starting to feel queasy.

See, there upon the menu,
Right there that’s choice two fish,
A haddock and a plaice
With chips each for a different dish.

It’s three years after, in a pub
I’m plying barman trade,
But I’ve made mistake 
And now I’m facing her tirade.

She throws it on the floor,
Then orders me to sweep
The remnants of the gutted fish
She can no longer keep.

She’s horrible and vicious,
Landlady with a tongue
So swollen in her manured head
That sees me just as dung.

But quotes are what you want,
And that is what I’ll give,
Provide you with the very words
Which ladies would they sieve.

I’m arguing, you see,
With housemate second year,
Accommodation student digs,
It’s direful and drear.

I can’t remember what I’ve said,
I’ve probably been a prick,
Don’t think for just one second
I’m exempt from this same trick.

Anyway, she bridles,
Sets her sights upon my sex,
Calls me ‘Frigid virgin!’
Knowing well it will me vex.

That’s two of you who’ve used that word
As though it should be cast
Into abyssal depths
Chained up with fallen angels past,

Instead of being cherished, honoured,
Maybe kept a while,
Thrown like infant rubbish
To a playground paedophile.

‘It makes it complicated,’
Said the wronged and sighing girl,
‘When he’s so good in bed… 
…confuses me with giddy whirl!’

I made that last line up,
To fit the tonal rhyme
I’ve just two more examples
Of this feature’s fateful time,

‘He l***ed her out,’ she told me
Gleeful deep in vocal chord,
‘But was too hard in thrust,
Be careful when you climb on board.’

‘I like to f**k a man!’
My girlfriend’s mother told us both,
Before she hit her daughter,
For some reason she was wroth.

All this and more I’ve heard
Come from the lips of dainty dames,
The sort of female misandry
That scratches, scars and blames

The whole the male species
Who in punishment must then
Be educated on the proper way
To be more courteous men.

Of course there are bad apples,
It’s been that way forever,
People who wish hate and hurt
In all that they endeavour,

But I’d wager far more common
Here on planet Earth
Are people simply searching
For a soulmate their own worth.

Men are not the enemy,
Nor women, neither prove
Less toxic than the masculine
When they decide to move.

Non-binary! Non-binary!
Regale us with your finery,
Remove the genders from existence,
Red and white wine vinery!

All lesbian, gay, bisexual folk,
Transgender, questioning, queer,
Teach harmony to men and women
When each other near.

It’s century twenty first,
We own the planet Earth,
We can be best friends
Or enemies until our dearth.

See, change is quite upon us,
I feel it in my bones,
Old ways of talking to each other
Aged as the stones

One kicks with booted shoe
Along with slander into touch,
Defamation, hate crime,
All of these we’ve had too much.

My hope is that in coming years
We’ll clear it all away,
Living in community
Where each has equal sway,

But as above the choice is ours,
Hold mutual respect,
Or dominate, control, and bully
As in old suspect.

It starts with speech and ends with union,
Two consenting people,
Beautiful the sharing act
Profound love may then steeple.

We owe it to each other
To be more caring, kind,
And if we do the future’s bright
For all of us in mind.

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