Wednesday, December 2, 2020


An old poem of mine has just come to light! This is Innocence, part of my juvenilia composed when I lived on the Isle of Wight. I do remember writing the piece but I'm shamed to say I have absolutely no idea what it's about!! I wonder if you might be able to help...

Our time is close, the hour is near,
The nocturn day decrees,
Our two as one will ever trust
Belies a blessed ease.

The daylight sparks a raging vow
For peace and unity,
But ever burns the wrathful wake
Of Strife, who holds the key.

Believe it, now! I wish no ill,
No harm, nor tethered peace,
I rarely count the troubled nights
When dreams so touch and tease.

For mine is every man's desire
And woman's too I swear,
To gird unbridled passion
And bring fruitful lines to bear,

To banish thoughts of wantonness,
To sliver guilt and shame,
To open out our fallen hearts,
To welcome Truth so tame,

To bind and swathe our souls as one,
To wrap our hearts so tight,
To die for once in ecstasy
And chasten dull delight.

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