Sunday, November 15, 2020

Change The World

Short post from me today as it's Sunday and a day of rest! This is Change The World, my poem about how undertaking such an endeavour is made harder by possible charges of hypocrisy against the one trying to alter matters. And as I continue on down the road of Error instead of Truth, I don't see the Good Lord anywhere in His creation at all...

‘Change the world,’ he said, he said,

Quoth I, ‘It can’t be done,

It can’t be done, it can’t be done,

Nor cannot be begun.

I’ve tried my hardest, and my best,

To find a way to alter,

What I deem to be dishonest,

How we humans falter,

But I always smack against the fence which rises high,

He without a spot of sin cast first stone, or be nigh

To God’s own fate, the vengeance of the whole Earth’s his to take,

I wonder if it’s really true, I think He may be fake.

I hope me not, indeed, I think a final judgement’s fair,

But far less now the lasting threat does make me be beware,

Dear Lord, you’ve got to show yourself and bring your presence near,

Before your race forgets you and your memories disappear.’

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