Friday, October 30, 2020


The positivity and assurance of Sung Eucharist begin to evaporate here in Prayer, a gentle poem about God, or Love's seeming absence from the world. I am a massive Doubting Thomas in that I strive hard to believe in Love's all-embracing power but often find myself coming from watching the news to wonder how on earth a benevolent deity could allow some people to suffer such hardship. 

My own cross to bear is bipolar disorder, a hideous, insidious illness which attacks every part of the mind in effort to destroy the sufferer. You will see this play out in poems to come but for now I am rather rational in my questioning about Love's presence in our world, throwing in a Nature metaphor which I hope appeals to your senses! 

I love that time of day when Nature goes to sleep,

When the sun dips low and bids a slow farewell
To all that owes it life before the dark;
When that silence, such stillness screams to be heard
And the balance of this world with its shadowy counterpart
Calls us to ourselves, emboldening hearts so meekly mild
To thump aloud the question fraught throughout our conscious souls,
Unanimous straight voicing one and only plea upon our lips:

'Dear God, why don't you show yourself, just once, please, come walk with us,
Prove to us you're not the product of our lonely minds
But the starter of our race who set us all upon our way
The fittest and the best? Tell us what it's like to rule above,
To oversee your mantle of creation,
To live and breathe omniscient in our minds,
To feel the pain we feel as well as all our joy.
Oh Lord, faith is not enough. We need you here, we need you now,
The dark is coming. Please, banish fear, show us you exist.'

Night's pall thickens. The shades come on and I wonder if we'll mirror
Nature's way, given to darkness at our death then reawakened at the dawn
To live another day. That is Her way, let it be ours. Sweet sleep indeed.

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