Monday, September 19, 2022

The Boy Who Didn't Bow

As I write these words, it is just over one hour until the funeral service begins of our beloved Queen Elizabeth II; I love order, unity and the forces for good which Her Majesty exemplified in her person more than anyone I have ever known, even from a distance. I really hope that once we have honoured the Queen this morning, we are able to bat away the kind of deleterious forces which will attempt to fill the vacuum her grace and truth leave behind before it is slammed shut against them, hopefully, by the new monarch Charles III. Here, I observe those passing HM The Queen: Lying-In-State...

The mourners waited on the stairs
Their turn to walk on through
Westminster Hall, its environs
And atmosphere thereto;

Men and women, old and young,
In wheelchairs, with sticks
Children staring open-eyed
At such a heady mix.

The loyal subjects of Our Queen
Approached the coffin bier,
Catafalque now lifting high
Her Majesty next tier

Gentlemen at Arms did stand
By six around its base,
Yeomen of the Guard at fours,
Same candles, police in place.

Paying last respects of theirs
To monarch true and kind,
Many bowed their heads, her
Subjects grieving soul and mind

That such a steady influence,
A leader whose strong faith
Protected all the populace
From darkness and its wraith,

Was gone unto another plain now,
Leaving shadows long
Complete their crawl across our kingdom
Once so great and strong.

Perhaps the boy who didn’t bow,
Who kept his arms crossed tight,
Who looked askance at others
As they tried to see the light

Was simply way ahead all else
Divining our demise
This island’s heritage defrocked
Before our very eyes;

And yet he was exception,
Just one I ever saw
Of thousands who now file on past
Elizabeth’s last door

Making sign the cross, in prayers
Sent up to He above
That Lilibet be safe and well
For harbouring such love

Towards her people, we who must
March on into new now,
Shining our Queen’s light upon 
The boy who wouldn’t bow.